1st day in school.

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yes! i’m back to studying again! but this time i’m paid to do it! wahaha…since when was i ever paid to study?? theres jus so much pressure from the people who pay u to do it la..and on our 1st day already, they placed all these books on our tabl swee swee…so as not to scare us i think. but my 1st reaction was like…WAH LAO EH. SIAN.

1st day so many stuff to study..wish i could burn them all down into a drink and gulp it down. my course outline goes something like this…

12 weeks: 14 exams

i already have 1 exam next tuesday…and thats 1 week into the course liao! its 1.167 exams per week. this shouldnt be much of a problem..since we are all so accustomed to spore style of school. but the worrying part is the practical. aka ‘hands on’.  well i know i work very well with both my hands..and do LOTS OF THIGNS with them..but the practical tests are the ones that worry me the most.

another pic of the books stacked up vertically (scaled with a highlighter)

i dun think u will hear from me in the next 12 weeks. keep u updated on my results!


ERP increase again?!

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wah kao…July 7 there will be 5 new erp gantries along singapore river! and bloody 32 out of 65 gantries will increase from 50cents to $2.00!??? surely this is daylight robbery lor.

weekdays, i cant even drive down orchard for free before 8pm, and now they are extending it on saturdays as well for some roads in city! is that the only way to curb traffic flow?? people who doesnt drive will get affected too. passengers who take cabs and pass thru will have to pay everytime the ERP Unit in the cabs beep. like that fair meh??  “they” should look into other areas where it is more congested. somemore they have forced more people to take public transport..and if u did try taking mrt to CBD in the morning, it is much worse traffic down there. people packed like sardines, some people obviously dun bathe in the morning and u can smell thier BO in thier armpits when they hold the ceiling handles. and ‘ve got no choice cos everyone is pushing each other and yr face is stuck right there; direcly under the gates of BO mayhem.

sigh..we all know we CANNOT do anything to stop this ERP ( EVrytime Raise Price) increase. yet its frustrating cos even now eekends we have to pay. please STOP increasing the ERP la..petrol already increase..food also increase..everything also increase!  i bet u in 5 years time, there will be an ERP gantry the moment u open ur house door la. wan to come out of yr house only, it will ‘beep’.

drivers who cut Q

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finally back to blogging after 2 weeeks. been busy prepairing for my interviews and also cos of Euro 2008. have u been winning money on matches? well i hope so for u. I will predict a netherlands – portugal final. and netherlands , for now looks too strong. they are  ORANGE HOT at the moment and its really amazing and Vantastic! superb counter attacking team playing beautiful football.

over the weekend, went down to JB with my other half. sat morning 7.15am..we reached woodlands road…and boy it was JAM! u know the starting of the bridge towards checkpoint? we were like more than 200m aways from that. it took us freaking 1 hour just to move 200m…and at 8.15am…we were only at the foot of the bridge. it was beginning to take its toll…the cool aircon blowing my face, it made my eyes dry. i so need to sleep at that moment man. abt half n hour up the bridge i was almost near the checkpoint, when suddenly, this idiot MPV made a sharp turn into my line, nearly causing an accident. now these people, are really f**kers. now, normally i will let u cut in if ure still polite and got pah signal, although i will still kbkb. but this fella, never pah signal, never say sorry, never even say thank u, and also nearly hitting my car, lucky i zham break lar. KNN

the reason i censored his no plate is i dun wanna get sued. nowadays blogging u have to be careful abt wat u write.

 i just HONKED at him for the longest time. i know if i didnt honk ah…i sibeh buay song. yet he no reaction. PCB. i took my hp to take a picture of his car. ANYWAY FYI, please do no honk ur car when u r in the vacinity of the checkpoint. according to newpaper today 15 june, a msian got 6 months ban from entering spore cos he honk while in checkpoint. sway la…  back to the idiot who cut me, when he reached the checkpoint, he gotta open his car boot right? he even have the cheek to stare at me. bastard. i stared back obviously and purposely mumbled the f word so that he can see.  wat a start to the morning…


My Wings

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Great news. The company finally called me up for the final interview. seriously, i cant wait to get the job and start my training ASAP…Im realy DYING to start and it seems AGES for it to come.

Meanwhile, for my PPL, i just completed my Long Nav. flew from Senai (WMKJ) all the way to Malacca (WMKM)!!! The leg up there took abt 1 hr 12 mins…and the return took abt 1 hr 30mins! it could be due to strong headwind which was blowing northerly. Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera along the flight.  Will be bringing it up for my next sortie and will update the pics in the next post.

Time really flies from the day i enrolled in Elite (Oct 07). I need another 5 sorties to go before my GFT (General Flight Test). Really hope to get it before i get the JOB! fingers crossed! XX 🙂  FLying has really been an eye opener for me. i thought it would be easy..since u can have the freedom to roam anywhere u want. YES for a moment, but the hard part is still the landings. Watever things that go up, has to come down, and if u dun concentrate of landing, no matter how good u fly up there also no use. U will be dead. Not forgetting abt traffic up there…some days it can get so congested, I circled at a place for more than 25 mins just to wait for my turn to land! it was indeed a waste of money as they charge the aircraft on block time.

I started off with the basic sorties Effects of Control, Climbs n Descends, Turns, Steep turns. Then to the more advance stages like stalls, and 1st Solo! luckily for me, i managed to clear my 1st Solo at 10.0hrs! was it too fast? i would think so..cos my subsequent solo circuits hasnt been that smooth flowing. *touchwood although no acidents yet, my landing during the initial 10.0 – 14.0hrs has been bad. mistakes like “ballooning’, ‘bouncing’, hard landing (but still below the limit) and veering off the centre line all came abt during these stage of my training. at 1 point i was even afraid to go solo. after circuits, it was time for Area solo, where u fly at the areas abt 4nm aorund the airfield to be familiar with the surroundings. after abt 3 sorties of Area, it was time for IF (instrument Flight). before flying IF, i was scared of IF. has always been scared. cos u are flying “blindfolded”. all u could see was the instruments in front of u. ur views to the windows will be blocked…cannot cheat also. and this IF will take up abt 4 hours. after IF, i did Navigation!! as u can tell, im very excited when it comes to navigation cos its also my favourite. requirements for Nav is 2 x short nav, and 1 long nav before i go solo nav, which has another 2 short and 1 long. I’m now waiting for my solo nav check..on June 17th.

and after these nav sorties, its time for my last hurdle..the GFT. this is where watever u have learnt, it will be tested in this flight. i got to go…will update on my progress in my next post!

Singapore Flyer Experience

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19 May 2008. Vesak Day.

I still cannot believe i spent $60 on spore flyer(i treat my gf too!). but it was definitely worth it as there was a pleasant surprised inside the cabin that we were in. more abt that later.

Nice place to be as a tourist. we had lunch at Popeye’s. for those who are suaku, its like KFC? but 10times better than KFC! they shud have slogans like fingers and nails licking good..the 2 pc chicken in the setmeal was huge! thier thigh meats, as my gf proclaimed, was genetically process chicken. i agreed too..cos i cannot find such a big piece of thigh meat before. and its so much juicier than other leading food stalls. Anyway, after lunch, we decided on an impromptu decision to take the Singapore flyer. Take it once for experience sake..and never to take it again.

 Buying Tickets.  Show off!

in the cabin 

   Nice View!!  

now here’s the pleasant surprise. inside the cabin was another family. and it was non other than our local soccer legend, Lim Tong Hai! he was a friendly chap and jus before entering the cabin, he even approached me that if we needed to take photos, we could ask his help. so good right? (or jus acting nice only) so in return we also helped to take pictures of his whole family. and midway through the flight, i decided to approach him if he was indeed the soccer player and he said yes. so i requested a picture taken too:

 no wonder he is a defender. 😦

its such a great coincidence. on vesak day and at 3.30pm too..to take the same flight as my local soccer hero. LOL yeah right. i was never a fan of him lar…cos he scored more own goals than for his country whenever he plays. but credit to u, Mr lim tong hai for representing spore for so many donkey years as one of the best centre backs in that era. i can still remember the commentary by brian richmond, “lim tong hai clears the ball! but only as far as malek awab / nasri nasir”, or “the idea was there..” he always, and i mean ALWAYS used these limited phrases. yea come on…we also know the idea was there…


before we knew it, the Spore Flyer ride has ended and Lim thanked us again for our help. nice chap la..if he is 40+ now..i think he still looks 20 plus. and he has 2 kids, abt primary 5 level. the whole ride took abt 25 mins…if it was a crowded day, it will take longer though. cos they will have to slow down or even stop the wheel when there are handicap or old people entering the cabin. overall, it was a great Singapore Flyer experience!

Jono in Action!

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Posted by: My #1 Fan

Here’s a picture of you in action. On one of your many Soccer Sundays, about two weeks ago at Queenstown Secondary School. The one in Orange is You!


Took out my camera to meddle with all the features, decided to take some shot, just as I was snapping away – testing on clarity and sharpness – the match started to twist into action, before I knew it, you were sprinting and dribbling the ball, trying to push past your opponent trying to get the ball into position. But he is relentless at his pursuit, tight and high on your tracks.

You had to make a decisive move, Swoosh! In a swift and decisive manner, you passed the ball to Zam who had pushed up and came from behind for support, Cornered and pressured, unable to take the shot without risking the opportunity, Poof! Bam!!! GOAL!!! As soon as the ball had landed on Zam’s foot it had then arrived nicely onto Wan’s, and he took the shot. Zam had held back the shot with better judgement that Wan – who had a clear shot – would hastily take it. Indeed he did.

YEAH~!! We were all clapping and cheering as we marvelled at the presentation of excellent team work!!! BEAUTY! What a BEAUTY!!! Thats what you’d call it! In other words and more common term, “SWEE LAR!!!”

P. S. Your #1 Fan, Always!!!

Dad’s big day

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May 16th. just wan to shout out: happy birthday to u dad! 57 yrs old liao…but he still looks young and energetic. how does he do it?? it must be the tai chi he and my mum have been always training for the past 6 years! (how time flies man!!! i actually moved into Bishan, and they started taichi since then…and its almost 6 yearss man) oh gosh..


my parents have always said taichi is good for u..that it can cure illnesses like Archritis, high blood pressure etc..basically all the “old age illness”. Taichi is even supported by the Archritis Foundation of Australia as i jus found out! really so power meh??? anyway.. thier classes are started from once a week in the early stages when they joined…to presently, they’re involved in 5 sessions a week!! ( i would say thier passion for taichi is just like mine for soccer)  really have to take my hat of them lar…its good they’re involve in some “ECA” after work too. rather than stay home be couch potato. eh..before taichi started, my dad is a freaking couch potato lor… remember seeing him lying on the couch, drinking tea and eating watever he can find from the fridge or dining table…and watch tv till 12am…and end up falling asleep! haha…but now, he even aims to be a taichi instructor when he retires from work. how amazing taichi can change a person’s life so much.

this post is dedicated to u, dad. thank u for taking care of us thru these years. and also thank u for all yr (fininancial) support!! :X just kidding…. :p